Advertising October 19, 2020

Large Format Printed AD – AIA Insurance MDRT

I had the privilege of leading the commemoration project for AIA Hong Kong, celebrating the company’s remarkable achievement of clinching the top position in global MDRT membership. The project involved creating an impactful advertisement that would be displayed in one of Hong Kong’s largest and busiest advertising locations, the Hong Kong Station tunnel.

  • Design

    Art Direction

  • Client

    AIA Hong Kong

  • Tools

    Adobe illustrator, Photoshop

Open Project

👨‍💻 The Creative Process

From the ideation stage, I was fully engaged in the project, working tirelessly to bring the client’s vision to life. Over three weeks, I collaborated closely with the client, drafting 10 revisions and engaging in daily communication to ensure that we were always on the same page. Once we agreed on the direction, I moved on to design a high-fidelity mockup.

During the following two weeks, we worked together in the production stage, handpicking talent, contacting a photo studio and photographer, and organizing a studio shoot. As the art director, I provided guidance and direction to the photographer and talent, working closely with the client to ensure that we achieved the desired result.

In the final production stage, I was responsible for overseeing the test print sampling process, looking out for any color mismatch, and providing feedback to the artwork team. I also made minor changes to the final output on the printed material, ensuring that it was of the highest quality possible.

The project was a huge success, thanks to the collaboration, hard work, and dedication of the entire team. It was an honor to be part of this amazing project, and I look forward to more opportunities to create meaningful and impactful designs.